Behind the Scenes: Katalyst’s 2019 Kickoff Meeting

Last week, Katalyst leaders from around the globe gathered at our headquarters in downtown Evanston for a week-long Annual Meeting. Throughout the week, each vertical presented a strategy based on this year’s theme of Sustainable and Profitable Growth – leading to in-depth discussions and actionable plans. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what was accomplished!

Day 1

Rahul S., Founder and CEO, set the tone on day one by headlining recent achievements, followed by his vision for 2019-2020. He kept spirits high by thanking employees for their dedication and preparing them with key insights for ensuring repeatable, ethical, and responsible prosperity. To achieve this objective, Rahul encouraged his teams to work together and hold themselves accountable to a standard of excellence.

Following Rahul’s presentation was CEO of our India Operations, Vivek N., with highlights in HR, corporate social responsibility, and more.

Jibi J., Sr. VP of Human Capital, then provided updates on the hiring process and plans to improve it further. Melissa V., Sales Associate, who works closely with Jibi revealed details on the 2019 Katalyst Summer Internship Program.

To conclude day 1, Manjari G., Executive VP of Strategy, presented on Finance – recapping last year’s performance. She ended the presentation with clear and measurable objectives for the upcoming year such as improving operational efficiencies, increasing ROI, and supporting business units to achieve sustainable growth.

Day 2

On Day 2, Shobha Shah, Chief Operations Officer, led a dynamic conversation on US operations. She spoke on strategies for driving overall sustainability by diversifying business operations and enforcing policies that promote the company’s culture and vision.

Praveen N., Chief Technology Officer, followed after Shobha – sharing industry trends, a recap of his recent Agile training, and plans related to IT.

Nixon X., VP of Innovation was next to take center stage. He recalled last year’s triumphs – including his Innovation Kitchen series, the CC3 product recognition, and the Great Places to Work for All Leadership Award. He concluded his presentation with objectives for the upcoming year regarding product innovation.

Prajakta G., Director of Marketing, followed Nixon, sharing her team’s journey – from starting with a non-existent staff to now running an active marketing department. She narrowed in on her goals for the next couple of years with plans to increase brand awareness and generate quality leads for the company.

Day 3

On Day 3, Bill R., Director of Sales e-Publishing for Europe, revealed insightful industry details and plans to increase market share.

Soon after, Ray B., President of Global Manufacturing and Engineering, provided updates on Boardshare – presenting team additions, product innovation ideas, and a strategy for sales.

Day 4

Day 4 of the Kickoff Meeting landed on the popular Indian holiday, Holi (or festival of love). On this day, people come together and play with bright colors – making Holi the perfect opportunity to take a break

from meetings, boost workplace positivity, and have fun with coworkers!

As the meetings proceeded, Phani P. from Professional Services demonstrated his ideas for pivoting success such as integrating business units, nurturing client relationships, and acquiring new talent.

Up next was Lynn S., VP of Supply Chain Management, who covered strategies to leverage digital technologies for his Business Unit.

Vivek G., Sr. VP of Digital and E-commerce, closed the session by sharing the latest victories such as partnering with Magento and maintaining the start-up culture at Katalyst. He also expressed his pursuit in helping Katalyst become one of the most recognizable players in the Digital and E-commerce space in the coming years.

Day 5

On the final day of the Kickoff Meeting, Bade D., Sr. VP of ERP, spoke on the topic of SAP. After reviewing the objectives and key results from last year, Bade ended his presentation by showcasing opportunities for his unit – including improving brand recognition and expanding service offerings.

Allen F., President of Retail and SCM, then talked about Sales Katalyst and brainstormed ways to gain further traction within the apparel industry.

Rahul closed the Kickoff Meeting activities with a final recap and words of encouragement for the teams, ensuring each employee understands the fundamental building blocks of sustainable prosperity and energizing them to accept change. From developing client relationships and monitoring performance to strengthening the way internal teams interact, the end-goal at Katalyst is always a long-term success for our clients and us.

Rahul reflects on the company’s journey, stating, “After years of thoughtful planning and extraordinary work, we have built a solid framework that is both profitable and secure. By continuing to prioritize people, processes and systems, Katalyst is in a firm position to achieve prosperity for the long run.”

As Katalyst embarks on another business year, we are excited to see the transformational work that unfolds from our mission of sustainable and profitable growth. Thank you to all who make Katalyst a Great Place to Work!

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