Casper: The Friendly Online Editor that Streamlines the Copyediting Process

Attention authors and editors: are you looking for a pre-editing and copyediting solution that successfully handles routine editorial tasks?

Introducing CasperTM, a cloud-based, browser-based platform that streamlines the writing, editing and production of your high-quality content!

From grammar and spelling to content styling, CasperTM achieves editorial excellence by correcting your material and ensuring its completion. Developed with more than 1,000 built-in content authoring and editing rules, the system simplifies the content-editing process through automation.

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Microsoft Word (and soon LaTex!) documents are supported in the CasperTM workflow. As a browser-based copyediting tool, the system also integrates directly with online Digital Object Identifier (DOI) registries to identify your content and provide a persistent link to its online location.

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