EditGenie™: Editing As Quick As Magic

Are you a Publisher looking to shorten the author proofing and corrections process?

Discover EditGenie™, a sophisticated, XML-based, Online Correction Tool (OCT) that fully-automates the proofing and corrections workflow. Based on customizable publisher workflow requirements, EditGenie allows authors to efficiently review and make content corrections directly, within an intuitive Word-like interface.

With unmatched accuracy, EditGenie™ finds and highlights spelling errors, basic grammar and style mistakes and offers suggestions for improvement. EditGenie supports both native MathML and LaTeX editing.

EditGenie™ also offers correction solutions and delivery for traditional files such as email memos, scanned hardcopies, annotated PDF documents, and standard proofs. In this process, our project managers follow-up with the author to prompt them of necessary corrections.

Hosted in the cloud, EditGenie™ accelerates the author correction cycle, leading to faster turnaround times and increased speeds of publication.

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