How Yoga Boosts Employee Productivity and Company Culture at Katalyst Technologies

Katalyst offers weekly Yoga classes as part of its Corporate Wellness Program to promote health, happiness, and productivity.

Whether you are a Construction Worker, hauling building material under the scorching sun, or a Firefighter, transporting people to safety amid fatal conditions, the demands of labor can take a toll on overall health. Even office workers face an increased risk of illness due to extended sitting on the job. Studies have shown the side effects of prolonged sitting can include organ damage, muscle degeneration, and foggy brain – to name a few.

The good news? Over time, yoga can counteract the negative impact of prolonged sitting by providing immediate relief through simple movements and breathing techniques. Proven benefits of yoga include reduced chronic pain, boosted mental health, lower blood pressure, and more. Yoga can even be a helpful tool for fostering team spirit and employee productivity at work. Overall, yoga can improve the quality of life for many individuals, especially those working in sedentary roles. For these reasons, Katalyst introduced weekly yoga sessions to its employees as part of the Corporate Wellness Program.

The decision to implement office yoga stemmed from conversations amongst Katalyst leaders regarding company culture and the various ways to improve it. Yoli Maya Yeh, Yoga Therapist, suggested workplace yoga as a solution. After all, the principles of yoga guide many areas of team building such as mindfulness, courtesy, and accountability. She notes, “Yoga is actually a way to develop non-verbal communication and the ability to observe your surroundings more and just notice yourself.”

Since last summer, Yoli has led the yoga sessions at Katalyst with exercise and meditation practices for relaxation and stress management. “We really just focused on, hey, its 2pm-3pm o’clock in the afternoon – the historical slump, when we all tend to go for caffeine and sugar,” she shares. In the end, unhealthy snacks slow down brain functioning and make us feel more tired.

So, what happens when you replace those exact habits with office yoga? Over time, workplace yoga is intended to improve employee health, encourage associate morale, and increase productivity.

But don’t just take our word for it! Florean, who works in Supply Chain at Katalyst observes the positive impact of workplace yoga. She reveals, “My posture at work has changed for the best. I work more efficiently when I come back from a yoga session and feel truly centered in my job.”

Manoj, an Administrative Partner at Katalyst, concedes with Florean, saying, “Yoga gives me more energy. I’ve learned how to get rid of physical and mental stress, allowing me to be more productive at work.”

And when it comes to team spirit, Melissa, a Sales Associate at Katalyst, recognizes the value of workplace yoga. She states, “I think it improves bonding with one another. It also promotes supporting one another in terms of well-being. For instance, if we notice that someone regularly misses the sessions, we try to encourage them to attend.”

As a promotor of employee personal health, Katalyst is proud to offer initiatives like corporate yoga. After all, a healthy team forges a healthy workplace where business can thrive! Thanks to the guidance of Yoli, Katalyst has prepared our employees with the tools to improve their personal health – both in and outside of the office.

What are your thoughts on workplace yoga? Feel free to leave a comment in the section below!


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