Interns at Katalyst: The Katalyst Summer Internship Program

Every summer, Katalyst invites students to work as summer interns through the Katalyst Summer Internship Program. The program offers internships in various areas, including Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Sales and Marketing, Digital and E-Commerce, and Finance and Business Management. This summer we welcomed three interns in our Evanston office in the Marketing, Digital &e-Commerce and Software Engineering teams.

Katalyst believes in offering opportunities for students to grow and develop in the experience and skills they need to help them advance in their future careers and professional endeavors. Through the Katalyst Summer Internship program, interns receive exposure to real projects and challenges from day one, work in a rigorous yet vibrant environment, and gain real-world experiences. In return, industry-leading professionals at Katalyst provide them with the training and guidance necessary for their professional learning.

We had the opportunity to speak with some of our interns on their experiences interning with Katalyst this summer. Here is what they had to say.

When asked why they chose to apply to Katalyst’s summer internship program, Vinayak Malik, a Software Engineer Intern, cited a variety of reasons. “Interns, unlike in other companies, are given challenging projects to do instead of being assigned busywork, and I thrive under stress.” Vinayak also noted the value of Katalyst’s office location as another reason he applied. “The location, being in the heart of Chicago, offers various opportunities to explore. Due to its proximity to Northwestern University, it was easy to find great study spots.” Other factors that drew our interns to apply to the program included opportunities to learn more about the technology industry and to expand their skillsets in their field of study.

Our interns have been involved in multiple projects throughout their internships. Stephanie Olson, a Marketing Intern, shared with us a website redesign project she has been working on. “I was tasked with considerable responsibility to handle the new Katalyst website as my summer project,” explained Stephanie. “This meant developing a website audit and competitor analysis to find ways to optimize the site, communicating with the designer, and giving feedback on the mockups. Although delayed at times waiting on designs, I was always doing something. In between mockups, I was helping to write microblogs and blogs and learning the ins and outs of the roles in the marketing department. I have never had the opportunity to work on a website redesign before, so it was enriching to learn every small detail that goes into it. This has given me excellent exposure to real-world marketing projects and has expanded my marketing skills exceptionally.”

Some of our interns even had the opportunity to venture out of the office as part of their internship and represent Katalyst at tradeshows. Claire Anderson, an intern for the Digital and E-Commerce team, had the chance to attend the IRCE @ RetailX tradeshow in Chicago this past June, which provided her the opportunity to see many companies similar to Katalyst and learn more about the industry. In addition, a couple of interns had the chance to watch a baseball game with their managers at Wrigley Field this summer.

When asked about how their internships were helping them further their future career goals, our interns had positive remarks. “Katalyst has been an excellent opportunity to expand on my marketing skills and has given me great insight on different career possibilities I may want to explore in the future,” shares Stephanie. “I have gotten the chance to learn so much more about an industry that I had little experience in”.

Vinayak agrees. “Before the internship, I only knew the basics of web development and the goal that was set for me seemed too daunting. But, under the guidance of my supervisor and spending long hours, I was able to grasp many concepts and technologies which without guidance would have taken me at least a year to learn, if not more. I have learned enough to develop and host fully functional web apps of different kinds on the internet.”

At the end of their internships, each intern will share what they have learned in a final group-presentation to the management of Katalyst.

Are you a student or a recent graduate looking to gain real-world experience in the workplace or kickstart your career? Then apply to the 2020 Katalyst Summer Internship Program!

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