This client studies and identifies home buyer attitudes and experiences throughout the build process while utilizing emerging technologies set to transform each stage of homebuilding.

Katalyst Solution

Katalyst provided the solution by building a new homeowner portal with functional and attractive design with robust backend architecture. Application is developed using .NET MVC with Razor engine and SQL Server as database. A few services were developed to make the portal communication smooth for third party data providers. These services pull data from XML files provided by third-party agencies and inserts data into the different tables to create homeowners, and notifications.

Katalyst provided application maintenance support to the client for their existing builder portal to fix their old backlog of issues and make that application running as well.

Business Challenge / Requirements

The client had an existing application developed using ASP.NET classic. They were proposing their services to some new potential builders, so they wanted to restructure / re-develop the Homeowner portal with a rich and interactive look and design for the portal. They wanted to strengthen the application capacity with reliable and robust architecture. They also wanted to get maintenance support for the legacy application.

Benefits to the Customer

As a consequence of developing the new portal and services, the client was able to generate more business from builders by increasing their reach and by providing more dynamic features within their Builder and Homeowner portals.

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