About Client and Their Business Requirements

  • One of Katalyst’s clients – an engineering company and a key player in precision machining, equipment integration and automation solutions, primarily for the aerospace and equipment industries – needed to upgrade their Apps database to 11g within short notice.
  • Requirement of Apps upgrade to 11i (
  • Application Code level upgrade.
  • Improve sales by reaching out to maximum tutors and students

Why Katalyst – Value Proposition

  • Certified and highly experienced team of implementation & support professionals.
  • Real time experience in troubleshooting issues and supporting production environments.
  • Experience working with application vendors and integrating best practices into the database.
  • Completed the upgrade with zero defects in less than expected time.

Technologies Used

Oracle 11g database (, Oracle E-Business suite, Linux x86 OS.

Katalyst Technologies

  • Performed 2 successful iterations before going to PROD and noted all the expected issues before going to PROD.
  • Rigorous testing of the upgraded non-prod environments by Katalyst Functional and Technical teams to identify any issues after the upgrade.
  • Work with Oracle support on the identified issues in the upgraded environments.
  • Provided the SA support for Unix servers at OS level by installing the required rpms last minute troubleshooting.
  • PROD database upgrade in minimal downtime and zero issues.

Katalyst’s Solution

  • Apply the required apps patches (Interoperability patches) before the database upgrade.
  • Install the new 11g software.
  • Upgrade the database to 11g.
  • Implement the apps integration of the database.
  • Application Code level upgrade of products from one level to another.
  • Performed particular post steps to improve the database performance – Suggested by Oracle.

Known issues

  • Few requests failed in error – Worked with Oracle for a solution and implemented the steps for resolution.
  • Patching performance too poor – Made the changes to few template files which improve the performance.

Benefits & Key Features

Benefits & Key Features

  • Improved performance and new features with the upgraded version of the database
  • Many 10g bugs fixed in the 11g in turn many functional issues resolved
  • Easy management

Daily Activities

  • New features and functionalities.
  • New architectural changes make it easier for the administration.
  • System performance improvement even in the peak load hours.
  • Inbuilt automated jobs for performance improvements.
  • Advanced diagnosis techniques for issue troubleshooting.
  • Now the database backup is being done through RMAN in place of the disk level backups.
  • Cloning now made easier with RMAN automation which we use for the daily automated clone of PROD for high end reports usage.

System Benefits

Daily Activities

  • Health check of the Database.
  • Coordination with function and technical teams
  • Viewing the alert log file to analyze the ORA errors if any.
  • Tablespace utilization.
  • Rebuilding of Indexes, if a bulk load of data is inserted.
  • Monitoring the temporary files, through the DBA_TEMP_FILES.
  • Database Growth comparison.
  • User Management.
  • Backing up the archive log files.
  • Monitoring Backups.
  • Monitoring the log files, backups, database space usage and the use of system resources.
  • Exports/Imports by using datapump.
  • Monitoring Tablespace Segments
  • Monitoring Production Database Performance
  • Solving the ORA errors.
  • Taking a COLD/RMAN backups at night time.
  • Monitoring Concurrent Requests.
  • Deleting old log files for every 15 days.
  • Clear the trace files in the udump and bdump directory as per the policy.
  • Check for the invalid objects
  • Identify bad growth projections

Weekly Checks

  • Crosschecking FTP of RMAN backup
  • Weekend Maintenance for Production
  • Check the database statistics collection
  • Verifying the schedule jobs and clear the output directory
  • Verifying the security policy violation
  • Cloning test instances

Monthly or Quarterly Checks

  • Verifying the accuracy of backups by creating test databases.
  • Checking for the critical patch updates from Oracle Support Site

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