This client provides software products that are intended for truck drivers and warehouse owners. Warehouse owners offer services to the truck owners and their drivers. Drivers share their feedback in the rating format about the services offered by warehouses.

Warehouse owners use this data to analyze their services and do their further business planning. There are several other features as well.

Katalyst Solution

As part of this engagement, Katalyst has provided the following solutions:

  1. Android Application: Drivers submit ratings against the locations and get additional details in the format of PDF files, Websites, and Video files.
  2. Web APIs: Android Application and Web Portal consume these.
  3. Web Portals: This is used by Warehouse owners and Admins to manage android data and provides visual reports.

Technologies Used

  1. Android
  2. Dot net Technologies: Dot Net Core, Entity Framework core
  3. Front End: Dot Net Core MVC, Bootstrap, JQuery, JSON
  4. Database: SQL-MSSQL, NoSQL-Cosmos DB
  5. Reporting Tools: Power BI
  6. Hosting Platform: Azure, DevOps
  7. Identity Providers: Azure AD B2C and B2B
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