Business Goal

  • Global client, through its subsidiaries was engaged in various types of waterborne freight transportation.
  • Water transportation specialist that was providing unique solutions to the needs of their diversified customer base with emphasis on medium to longterm contracts and charters needed onsite DBA services for its Global client.“

Business Challenge

  • To provide onsite DBA services at ISC.
  • To provide DBA services 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.
  • To help instruct and guide staff on best practices for the management of their database systems that support production operations.

Katalyst’s Solution

  • Pro-active monitoring setup.
  • Implemented best practices for database management.
  • Implemented High Availability DataGuard solution
    Comprehensive subscription plan covering ISC.

Successful Deliverables

  • Substantial Cost savings as result of end-to-end database support provided by Katalyst’s DBA team for both production & test database systems.
  • Eliminated the need for gap coverage.
  • Reliable and knowledgeable source to depend on for questions /concerns 24×7 support.
  • Experienced DBAs ensured systems were running optimally, thereby making efficient use of hardware resources.

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