Embodying Environmental Responsibility on Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, Katalyst Technologies and ForestNation have planted trees to create a sustainable environment and reforest Mother Earth.

In collaboration with ForestNation, we’ve planted trees to foster an environmentally-friendly culture at work. As a sustainable business, our goal is to not only shine a light on our corporate social responsibility efforts but also to build awareness on deforestation, global warming and the loss of biodiversity. Similarly, ForestNation’s mission is to help humanity thrive by reconnecting people to nature and each other. Put our 2 visions together, and an impactful initiative is born!

To build a greener tomorrow, members of Katalyst joined on Earth Day to plant an array of Katalyst-branded trees provided by Forest Nation. Once planted, employees were directed to register their trees online to document growth. ForestNation will then match the total number of registered trees and plant them at a reforestation nursery in Usambara, Tanzania on behalf of Katalyst.

The Usambara mountains are home to many of Tanzania’s endemic species of wildlife. They are also a critical watershed for numerous villages and cities, including Tanzania’s largest city: Dar-es-Salaam. With our joint reforestation efforts, Katalyst hopes to promote the balance of urbanization and biodiversity.

“Whether it’s caring about others or the planet, Katalyst is eager and honored to support the communities and world of which we serve,” says Rahul Shah, CEO and founder of Katalyst. He adds, “By expanding our environmental efforts, we hope to increase global sustainability and employee engagement across our organization. Thank you, ForestNation, for helping us deliver on our commitment to shared values and corporate citizenship.”

Want to stay in the loop with our tree-growing campaign? Visit Katalyst’s tree-growing Campaign Page.

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