Katalyst Technologies Partners with Culinary Care to Feed the Fight Against Cancer

Katalyst is honored to have partnered with Culinary Care in bringing the nourishment of meal, care, and joy to the cancer patients and their families.While fighting cancer, cancer patients experience feeding themselves and their immediate families burdensome, primarily due to loss of appetite, exhaustion, and changing taste buds.As a result, cancer patients struggle to get the required nourishment and nutrients in their fight against cancer. Statistics show more than 1,25,000 cancer deaths each year in the USA are a direct consequence of malnutrition.
The solution that Culinary Care team came up with is simple: providing free meals prepared by local restaurants, celebrity chefs and volunteers from local corporations that would be delivered with compassion by a community that cares. Katalyst sponsored 2 teams of the finest cooks representing various countries, cuisines and the rich diversity of cultures of the Katalyst family
As part of this sponsorship, on June 26th ,Katalyst participated in the Culinary Care’s 4th Annual Cook-Off. Team Katalyst consisted of 10 of our best culinary wizards from around the globe and competed against 4 other companies in the Chicagoland area. As part of the cook-off, all teams were allocated one celebrity professional chef per team that helped them throughout the competition. Our teams did their homework and research on ingredients and foods that are beneficial for cancer patients and their food regiments.Some of Katalyst team members’ own personal experience of taking care of their their loved ones during their fight against cancer created a special meaning to the event. Team Katalyst fully supports Culinary Care message of “Together, we can feed the fight against cancer.”
The results of the competition will be announced in October this year, and the winning teams will be felicitated.
Katalyst has also been a sponsor of many local organizations and is proud to be part of the social fabric of the communities we live and operate.
To learn more about Katalyst 2018 CSR efforts, please visit www.katalysttech.com/csr, We encourage all of you to participate and support Katalyst CSR activities.

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