XML Online Correction Tool

MathML and LaTeX based Equation Editing


EditGenieTM is XML-based Online Correction Tool (OCT) that offers ‘word-like’ display and allows authors to incorporate corrections directly into the document. EditGenieTM supports native MathML and LaTeX equation editing by allowing authors to make corrections that are required. EditGenieTM is currently live in production with a 98% author uptake.


Automated Server-Based Copyediting System
Providing References and Front matter related to the Content
Grammer Module Encounters Problematic Phrases/Words
Identifies Inconsistencies in Hyphenation, Spelling, Abbreviations etc.


Professional Services

Modules handling particular style points


Automated and interactive content for publishing


Academic Publishing
Life Sciences


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May 23, 2019

EditGenie™: Editing As Quick As Magic

EditGenie™: Editing As Quick As Magic Are you a Publisher looking to shorten the author proofing and corrections process? Discover EditGenie™, a sophisticated, XML-based, Online Correction Tool (OCT) that fully-automates…
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April 16, 2019

Experts of Katalyst: Nixon Xavier on How to Achieve Organizational Innovation

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December 13, 2018

Narrow Artificial Intelligence

Narrow Artificial Intelligence In 1999, having a virtual assistant at the touch of your fingertips seemed inconceivably far in the future. Virtual assistant technology brought to mind Rosie from the…