Life Sciences

Creating new Possibilities for Safety and Quality


Comprised of companies that sell products and services to life scientists, the life sciences landscape is undergoing unprecedented change. Healthcare costs are rising. Organizations are moving forward to improve patient outcomes, safety and quality of care. Overall, the industry is looking at using technology to create new possibilities and more opportunities to transform patient experiences and redefine the future of healthcare.


Katalyst K-1 for Life Sciences

Our SAP-certified partner packaged solution for the Life Sciences. A preconfigured, ready-to-use digital platform that provides real-time control of supply chain activities, ensure compliance and effectively manage R & D processes.

Katalyst K1 Pharmaceuticals

Katalyst ‘K-1 Pharmaceuticals’ addresses the needs of the Pharmaceuticals industry that includes regulatory compliance, R&D tracking and faster time to market. Katalyst ‘K-1 Pharmaceuticals’ addresses the needs of the Pharmaceuticals industry.

Katalyst K1 Medical Devices

Addresses the needs of the three major medical device industry segments; Supplies, Diagnostics, and Implants. Our solution package is offered at a fixed price, fixed timeline, and fixed scope for a proven low-risk solution.



Our partner packaged solution ensures that organizations can manufacture devices and achieve operational excellence.

Supply Chain

Get real-time control of your organization’s supply chain activities.


Addresses the needs of the industry by providing the state of the art tools.

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Case Study

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