Microsoft Azure

Hybrid Solutions for Enterprises


Azure is open, flexible and a powerful option for building and launching applications quickly. Katalyst can help clients deploy applications on Azure (backed by a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters) or build and manage a private cloud built on the Azure cloud or develop and maintain a hybrid solution.


E-Commerce & Consumer Packaged Goods

Azure Blockchain Services, Cognitive Services and virtual devices create a new dimension for the functioning of e-commerce.

Wholesale Distribution

Azure has its way of addressing wholesale distributers of B2B and B2C clients. Their flexibility and experiences, allows them to create unique, full-lifecycle customer experiences.


Microsoft Azure provides a list of integrated cloud-based applications that are the pioneer for digital platform for retailers.


Azure Kubernetes Service

Deploy and manage containers using the tools

DevTest Labs

Enable fast, easy and lean dev-test environments

Event Grid

Reliable event delivery at massive scale

Face API

Natural and contextual interaction with AI and Machine Learning