Intutive Project Management

Interval-Based Content Tracking & Converting


SesameTM is a highly intuitive and functional virtual project management system which consolidates production, tracking and reporting. With this project management system, the system can track the converted content, distribute composed proofs to authors, collect corrected files from authors and send reminders for certain tasks to be done at set intervals. SesameTM also includes a web-based client-facing dashboard, which will be integrated as an extension of ContentGenieTM for online proofing capabilities.


Interval-Based task allocation
Identify Missing Content in the Document
AI and Web-Based Dashboard and Interface
Automated tools provide customized solution



Web-based interface will help in distribuing composed proof to authors

Digital and eCommerce

B2B mobile and e-commerce is based on Journal Entries based on Production & Tracking


Wholesale Distribution
Consumer Packaged Goods


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December 13, 2018

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